Eating Pies: Book Reviews

*Disclosure:  I only review books that I have selected for my own enjoyment, and the views expressed are, therefore, even if a little batty, completely genuine. You need to be aware, though, that this review has an affiliate link, meaning that if you click through to Amazon, via the book’s image, and choose to makeContinue reading “Eating Pies: Book Reviews”

Under the Stars with Mary Webb

I first shook hands with cousin, Mary, on a visit to Much Wenlock.  I believe with all sincerity, that she saw me looking lost and desperate. I had mislaid Hubby and Sprogs, and was wandering around aimlessly in a downpour of rain. In a rare moment of clarity, it had occurred to me that IContinue reading “Under the Stars with Mary Webb”

Tribute to A. E. Housman

{Sparked off by a reading of Charles Causley’s ‘I Am the Song’.} I am a puzzle, e’en to myself; My thoughts, they tend to wander To Shropshire’s hills, all blue like Smurfs; to A. E. Housman – under! Copyright owned by Jay Cool, October 2018    

Going Viral with H.V. Morton

A Beautiful Redhead Who is Not as Old as Jay Cool! It’s a good day for the gods who, judging by the downpour, appear to be emptying out their Portaloos all over Sudbury. This is a welcome relief for one such as I, Jay Cool, a once-was-ginger book obsessive. In a heatwave, those of usContinue reading “Going Viral with H.V. Morton”

A Purple Day with Wilfred Owen

Today. Today is an Essex day, and I, Jay Cool and would-be author, find myself in a Waterstone’s bookshop on a University campus. Okay, so Essex is a good-long distance West from Shropshire, and I’m claiming to be a Salopian. But, in this world of quick moves and fast travel, equipped with the tools ofContinue reading “A Purple Day with Wilfred Owen”

Tet celebrations in Salop?

Tet. A time for celebration. A time to remember, to reflect, and to share. A time when the living is kidnapped – by a Sandero! A time when Jay Cool, with no alternative, grabs a notepad and a Motorola, and makes the most of an unfortunate situation. Time for a Salopian ‘poet’s poet’ to makeContinue reading “Tet celebrations in Salop?”