Savvy Book – The Women at Hitler’s Table

‘The Women at Hitler’s Table’, by Rosella Postorino. Received this beauty of a read for Christmas, courtesy of myself, as the general method of present giving in the Cool household entails going shopping with the purchaser and placing the wanted item in their basket. Perhaps not romantic, but it’s a fool-proof procedure for acquiring theContinue reading “Savvy Book – The Women at Hitler’s Table”

Savvy Book – The Ginger Survival Guide

Please note that this post contains commission-based links to Waterstones. ‘The Ginger Survival Guide’ by Tim Collins. A must have for any redheads bookshelf (and for anyone else’s). Very informative and fully responsible for the confirmation of my long-held belief that, being a ginger myself, I have a beyond-this-ginger-life future carved out for me inContinue reading “Savvy Book – The Ginger Survival Guide”

A Something Poem – Find Me

Within these walls, find me, papered over with books. The walls of my life paper over me, lifting up my lining, and my lines, with pulp of mashed-up fiction, mostly read. And truths, mostly unread. More of all of it unread than read. Probably. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 14th October, 2019 Image by Free-PhotosContinue reading “A Something Poem – Find Me”

Savvy Book – The Killables

Since reading Julianna Baggott’s novel, Pure, I seem to want to devour every dsytopian novel I can get hold of. Is this my mid-life crisis talking to me, reaching out into the future in the desperate hope that I might live long enough to witness it? Or, in reading fiction aimed at young adults, isContinue reading “Savvy Book – The Killables”

Savvy Book – The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen

Disclaimer: Should you choose to purchase the featured book, via this post, I will receive a commission from Waterstones. A highly-entertaining read about the ups and downs of being over eighty years old and stuck in a care home. The diary writer, Hendrik, has to put up with all the grumbles, farts and burps of hisContinue reading “Savvy Book – The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen”

Savvy Book – The Universe Versus Alex Woods

Disclaimer: If you choose, via this  post,  to purchase the featured book, I will receive a commission from Waterstones. A story that begins at its ending, with a seventeen-year-old boy called Alex, being arrested at customs for trying to re-enter his home country with a dead man on his passenger seat! The suspense is builtContinue reading “Savvy Book – The Universe Versus Alex Woods”

Savvy Book – Switched

Amanda Hockings ‘Switched’ (available at Waterstones) is a must-read if, like myself, you are a bitter and twisted old person, still with a chip on your shoulder about the sibling who, many eons ago,  insisted that you were an unwanted changeling! The novel centres around the character of Wendy, the troublesome daughter of a supposed mother whoContinue reading “Savvy Book – Switched”

28: Death

  Can’t believe it! Kept in by the wind and rain, I just picked up a random book from a random shelf in my kitchen. Yes, there are books galore in every room in my house, and it is a rare moment in which I regret the purchase of any of them. Except today! TheContinue reading “28: Death”

Savvy Tips – Steal A Style

Keen to be a writer? But lacking in self-confidence?   Has anything changed since your schooldays. Think back! Were you scared in case the teacher thought your work was rubbish? Did you hedge your bets and borrow your ideas from the teacher’s pet – the one seated next to you? Time to dip your toesContinue reading “Savvy Tips – Steal A Style”


  “What goes on inside your head?” says she. My head? I consider heading off the question, so I do. I laugh, and head off up the corridor, keeping up appearances, not being quite right, not being at all right, not being right – in my head. Screwed up paper, a massive ball of it,Continue reading “Lobbed”