Savvy Book – The Legacy

Wow! Just finished Gemma Malley’s trilogy culminating with the final savvy book in the series – The Legacy! As someone a little preoccupied with the ageing process myself, I love the idea of the longevity drugs. Where’s my pack? Nipping along to the Doc’s for my prescription, the second I complete this post! But …Continue reading “Savvy Book – The Legacy”

Savvy Book – The Declaration

  As promised, following my discovery and consumption of Gemma Malley’s ‘The Killables’ ‘ I moved on for a second feast with ‘The Declaration’ – the first book in another of her savvy dystopian triologies. And, although, I enjoyed ‘The Killables’, this book is by far its superior. The diary-style opening grabbed me from the off,Continue reading “Savvy Book – The Declaration”

Savvy Book – The Killables

Since reading Julianna Baggott’s novel, Pure, I seem to want to devour every dsytopian novel I can get hold of. Is this my mid-life crisis talking to me, reaching out into the future in the desperate hope that I might live long enough to witness it? Or, in reading fiction aimed at young adults, isContinue reading “Savvy Book – The Killables”