Savvy Book – The Declaration


As promised, following my discovery and consumption of Gemma Malley’s ‘The Killables’ ‘ I moved on for a second feast with ‘The Declaration’ – the first book in another of her savvy dystopian triologies.

And, although, I enjoyed ‘The Killables’, this book is by far its superior. The diary-style opening grabbed me from the off, transporting me back in time to my teenage years.

The irony being that the plot centres around the theme of agelessness, with oldies like current me, desperately popping pills in attempts to halt the ageing process, and prevent the onset of the diseases that, sadly, affect all of us at some point in our lives, be it as a bystander or a victim: arthritis (ouch, what it would be to elimimate the pain in my big toe!), dementia, cancer, Parkinson’s, etc.

If only!

Come to think of it, then this might be just the future that our current government are looking forward to! With Iain Duncan-Smith, wanting to raise the retirement age to seventy-five, some of us (a lot of us) are going to need some medicinal propping up, either that or the installation of some rechargeable battery compartments, in replacement of our ailing internal organs!

In fact, this is a read that I would highly-recommend to Iain and his cronies. If the old are going to live forever, then what’s going to happen to the young? If us middlers and oldies stay in employment, what jobs will there be for young adults? How will they support their young children? Or would Iain like to do away with the sprogs?

Such questions seem to have already been pondered upon by the insightful author, Malley. For the writer of the opening diary entry is one of the sprogs being done away with! Hunted. Hidden. Enslaved.

Surplus to requirements.

Oh, to be young again!

Copyright owned by Jay Cool, August 2019


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