Savvy Book – The Universe Versus Alex Woods

Disclaimer: If you choose, via this  post,  to purchase the featured book, I will receive a commission from Waterstones. A story that begins at its ending, with a seventeen-year-old boy called Alex, being arrested at customs for trying to re-enter his home country with a dead man on his passenger seat! The suspense is builtContinue reading “Savvy Book – The Universe Versus Alex Woods”

Savvy Book – Switched

Amanda Hockings ‘Switched’ (available at Waterstones) is a must-read if, like myself, you are a bitter and twisted old person, still with a chip on your shoulder about the sibling who, many eons ago,  insisted that you were an unwanted changeling! The novel centres around the character of Wendy, the troublesome daughter of a supposed mother whoContinue reading “Savvy Book – Switched”