Savvy Book – The Ginger Survival Guide

Please note that this post contains commission-based links to Waterstones.

‘The Ginger Survival Guide’ by Tim Collins.

A must have for any redheads bookshelf (and for anyone else’s).

Very informative and fully responsible for the confirmation of my long-held belief that, being a ginger myself, I have a beyond-this-ginger-life future carved out for me in Vampirism. This must be a proven fact because it was put about by the ancient Greeks. How could a theory penned by Hippocrates, who takes up an awful lot of space in the History GCSE syllabus with his four humours, be wrong?

Seems I am missing bits of my humours here and there. Could be why, after one attempt, at being a stand-up comedian, I went into hiding. Have to say that the act of being hidden, when one is a ginger, is not altogether straightforward. Sure, it helps when one’s ginger top takes on a greyish hue, but when one is indoors all day, one has plenty of time for hairdressing and experimentation with the old paint palette. To keep things simple, as always, the message I am trying to get across to you, fellow redheads and fellow-wish-you-were redheads, is:

  • Don’t dunk your greying locks in a mixture of ‘mango twist’, ‘red passion’ and ‘red passion’ hair dye – if you wish to escape detection!

Okay, so the book I’m supposed to be reviewing doesn’t mention Schwartz hair dyes, and I’m not on commission from the latter, so perhaps I need to refocus.

Did you know? Marilyn Monroe was born a ginger (lie – surely she was bald at birth like the rest of us fair-skinned folk?); Malcolm X was a ginger; and no less than seven US presidents were ginger. Just goes to show that us carrot-tops are a passionate breed, and that although some of us hideout in our caves for the occasional Sabbatical, this is because we are owed plenty of well-earned timeouts, after expending so much of our energy sticking up for worthwhile causes. You name it, we can either back it, or do it: knock-out singing; human right’s campaigns; holding up nations; red hair-dye mixing; blogging; cave-living, etc., etc.

So, … if you are a ginger, or even an aspiring ginger, please consider purchasing said book via this link to Biblio ( I will not earn a commission, but being a generous ginger, am happy to help promote sales with this ‘ethical profit’ bookseller), and you could read the books linked to below (from Waterstones – from whom I do receive a commission) to find out more about these ginger characters:

The orangutan in Kensuke’s Kingdom, Anne in Anne of Green Gables, the Daphne Blake and Red Herring in Scooby Doo, and …..

.. when you’ve finished the read, just make sure you return to this real and genuine ginger’s blog, to find out what you should splash out on next!


Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 9th January 2020

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