Silly Poem – Winter’s Approach

October cold nips at thighs and calves. I wrap them, tuck them in, try to be at one with the shape of my chair. It’s a swivel chair. Once shaped, will I be able to twist, turn and spin into takeoff? And, once airborne, will I be able to land? Or, will that be meContinue reading “Silly Poem – Winter’s Approach”

Down The Lane

As luscious-lime hedgerows turn jaunty ginger and smooth-slick skin turns furrowed and fusty, you remain true. Still there. My trusty friend; the comforting memory of a waft-warm drink. Still there. Trusty. A trusty friend very thoughtfully placed. Knowing that that my friend knows me, I smirk; a joke shared. Throat parched, I wait for jauntyContinue reading “Down The Lane”