Inside my outer layer is a little girl, another version of myself, being half-born again and again, never quite making it to the outside – just hesitating, just thinking about it; mulling it over, before … burrowing back in.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, February 2019   Image courtesy of Pixabay.com   Inspired byContinue reading “Half-Born”

Bus Youths

Flaps – dark eye-shutters, open at right angles to head-windows – clear, translucent, sparkling ports of access to a mass of perfectly-tuned, white-grey matter. Still young, still sprightly, and polished, ready to take on another day, to make synaptic deliveries, to utter profundities to similarly fresh-minded acquaintances about: the nocturnal habits of toilet rolls, enlistedContinue reading “Bus Youths”