Double Dee

Image courtesy of David Davis back-stops with a  double-dip, and a back- flip, tips his hat … to Dani Dyer. Dani Dyer with double-decker, fudged-up lashes and pink-sugar sparkles; old candy-floss sucked on and dried out. Now r o t t i n g. David, done with, and done in, d e p aContinue reading “Double Dee”

‘The Free Metro’ (Friday June 8, 2018)

A baby. No mother. A lesbian. A fling. And a hammer swing. Shotgun pellets. Stab attack. And a drill. Tributes to a King. And Mimi in trouble. All wrapped up in a Metro bubble. Lost lives and rubble. Trapped. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, June 8th, 2018

Who are the ‘Bus Wankers’?

A collection of poems about the author’s bus travels, dedicated to the inspirational lads (clearly avid fans of the In-Betweeners) who drive past her bus stop every day, shouting ‘Bus Wankers!’ The ‘Bus Wanker’ poetry collections represents a plea to all councillors, across the UK, looking to save money by demolishing our much-loved bus stations. Instead, councillors should beContinue reading “Who are the ‘Bus Wankers’?”

‘F***, like?’

Well, like, I kind of like her. What, like, you fancy her, like? Yeah, I know like that she’s a bit sassy like, but … You like her? Yeah, like she’s fit, like, and fun! Fit, like? Yeah, like you know, like with Kardashian tits, like, and stuff. Stuff like a fat a***, like? Yeah,Continue reading “‘F***, like?’”


Cumin, chilli, coriander, turmeric – combined, create turmoil in my head … Confused, dizzy and disorientated, I resist further intoxication, hold my breath, ignore the rumbling pleas from the labyrinth within and stumble onwards to Head Street to the 754, that waits patiently for today’s meal, an undernourished battery hen, past its best, unable toContinue reading “Refuel”

Bus Youths

Flaps – dark eye-shutters, open at right angles to head-windows – clear, translucent, sparkling ports of access to a mass of perfectly-tuned, white-grey matter. Still young, still sprightly, and polished, ready to take on another day, to make synaptic deliveries, to utter profundities to similarly fresh-minded acquaintances about: the nocturnal habits of toilet rolls, enlistedContinue reading “Bus Youths”