Whatever Takes Your Fancy: Silly-Savvy Story

‘Select something,’ he said. ‘Yeah, I know, you said that before, but I just can’t think. It’s so hard to choose.’ ‘Just go for it. Whatever. Anything that takes your fancy!’ ‘But why? And if I do this, this time, what will you ask me to do next time?’ ‘Who knows – might be somethingContinue reading “Whatever Takes Your Fancy: Silly-Savvy Story”

‘F***, like?’

Well, like, I kind of like her. What, like, you fancy her, like? Yeah, I know like that she’s a bit sassy like, but … You like her? Yeah, like she’s fit, like, and fun! Fit, like? Yeah, like you know, like with Kardashian tits, like, and stuff. Stuff like a fat a***, like? Yeah,Continue reading “‘F***, like?’”