‘F***, like?’

Well, like, I kind of like her.
What, like, you fancy her, like?
Yeah, I know like that she’s a bit sassy like, but …
You like her?
Yeah, like she’s fit, like, and fun!
Fit, like?
Yeah, like you know, like with Kardashian tits, like, and stuff.
Stuff like a fat a***, like?
Yeah, but shapely, like, and okay, like, if you like that sort of thing.
F***, like?
Yeah, like, you want to f*** her, like?
F*** you, like, f*** you, you w***er!
What? What, like, you said to me?
F*** like, you know, f*** – f*** you!
What, like, like you want to f*** me, like?
F*** off, you f***ot!
F***ing f***, like!
Like f***!

A poem inspired by the uninspired! Copyright owned by Jay Cool, May 2017

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