Double Dee

Image courtesy of David Davis back-stops with a  double-dip, and a back- flip, tips his hat … to Dani Dyer. Dani Dyer with double-decker, fudged-up lashes and pink-sugar sparkles; old candy-floss sucked on and dried out. Now r o t t i n g. David, done with, and done in, d e p aContinue reading “Double Dee”

‘The Free Metro’ (Friday June 8, 2018)

A baby. No mother. A lesbian. A fling. And a hammer swing. Shotgun pellets. Stab attack. And a drill. Tributes to a King. And Mimi in trouble. All wrapped up in a Metro bubble. Lost lives and rubble. Trapped. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, June 8th, 2018

Bloomers and Beer

  I, Jay Cool, am back and feeling chipper. Just as well, as I’m in for a treat with Aaron Chipper, first comedian of the evening. It has to be said that Aaron seems a tad insecure in his abilities to entertain. He’s introducing himself as ‘white, male and American’ and as akin to DonaldContinue reading “Bloomers and Beer”

Facebook Reunion

Re-emergence of old friends. Ancient connections. Whispered notes in tutorials. Student cars. Minis, 2CVs and Morris Minors. Starving, suicidal acquaintances raced into surgeries, collapsing into the future. In journeys long gone. And misremembered. False recollections. Old cells died and replaced. Recharged.     Copyright owned by Jay Cool Image: Photo of 2CV from PXhere, aContinue reading “Facebook Reunion”