Savvy Book – Season to Taste

  A grisly (or gristly) tale, even for those with a taste for the hot stuff. This morning, I purchased a bumper 100g pack of Nacto’s ‘Crushed Chillies’ from Sainsburys. But, not even a bucket-load of the latter would be enough to persuade me to take a chance on Young’s ambitious plans for the dietContinue reading “Savvy Book – Season to Taste”

32: The Outcome

Needless to say, now that I’ve hit the kitchen, things are deteriorating at tip-top speed. I’ve gathered together the basics, i.e. a measuring jug and rolling pin, but, I’m having trouble with finding any available cooking chocolate. I would ask for your help out there, with a ‘Has anybody seen the chocolate?’ plea, but thenContinue reading “32: The Outcome”

Doldrum Blue

‘Butterfly Blue’ image by Stergo ( As doldrum blue adorns the sky Frost, the poet, tattoos my thigh His butterfly, I try to shoo It’s ice-cold burn bites me right through It’s not my thing to have the sky Complete with bugs upon my thigh I try to say I love it not But doesContinue reading “Doldrum Blue”