Savvy Book – Season to Taste


A grisly (or gristly) tale, even for those with a taste for the hot stuff. This morning, I purchased a bumper 100g pack of Nacto’s ‘Crushed Chillies’ from Sainsburys. But, not even a bucket-load of the latter would be enough to persuade me to take a chance on Young’s ambitious plans for the diet of her main character, in her novel ‘Season to Taste’, Lizzie.

And, fortunately, my own kitchen knives, in spite of being bought from Sudbury’s poshest shop, Wynch & Blach (i.e. Sudbury’s only non-charity shop), are far too blunt and rusty, to be suitable for the task of ‘skinning fiddly bits’. Hence, I can save my chillies for the egg curry I’ll be cooking up this evening.

My eggs – another bargain from Sainsburys at 56p for half-a-dozen – are, at least, free range! Whereas Lizzie’s main ingredient has been caged-in and hen-pecked for years!

Lizzie is a complete nutter, with psychopathic tendencies akin to those of the character of Villanelle in the recent ‘Killing Eve‘ TV series. Sadly, if one is allowed to feel any kind of empathy with a murderer, Lizzie, middle-aged and with ‘dark-bruisy eyes’ and ‘heavy’ legs is a little less sexually appealing than her competitor. Still, one can’t have everything, can one?

And, rather worryingly, this particular middle-aged blogger, recognises a little too much of a Lizzie in herself in Lizzie’s No. 97 advisory:

‘Have the courage to go mad completely if that’s what it takes. Just let yourself feel whatever comes up as you go along.’ (p.104, Tinder Press edition)

This is pretty much the personal philosophy underpinning every word and action that I, Jay Cool, can possibly claim responsibility for.

Even so, in spite of this seriously good read, I’m sticking to the eggs!


Copyright owned by Jay Cool, July 2019

Image by Barbara Rosner from Pixabay

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