Savvy Book – The Undertaking

Consumed this World War Two themed novel, Audrey Magee’s ‘The Undertaking’, in one sitting! Beautifully written, although the author is a little over-fond of the verb ‘said’. Still, at least it doesn’t read like a piece of student coursework, with the over-contrived use of every single synonym for ‘said’ in existence. On finishing the novel (whichContinue reading “Savvy Book – The Undertaking”

31: Chef

It’s chucking it down with the Gods’ urine this morning. Not a day for the usual therapeutic-kerbside photography! What now? Should I work on my chart hit, or is that too yesterday? Should I plan ahead for the day job, or is that too tomorrow?* Today? Today, thanks to an early-morning interaction with the siteContinue reading “31: Chef”

32: The Outcome

Needless to say, now that I’ve hit the kitchen, things are deteriorating at tip-top speed. I’ve gathered together the basics, i.e. a measuring jug and rolling pin, but, I’m having trouble with finding any available cooking chocolate. I would ask for your help out there, with a ‘Has anybody seen the chocolate?’ plea, but thenContinue reading “32: The Outcome”

Chocolate: A Silly Poem

  I ate it. But, it was too late. Too late for the rush that I needed. Too late for the rush that would satiate my feelings of hate. Too late for me, Cate, to swallow my pride – too late to tell the tale of the hate that I ate. And, in the knowing,Continue reading “Chocolate: A Silly Poem”


{John Clare had a lot to answer for, when he wrote ‘I am’.} Image courtesy of (creative commons) I long for scenes where sweet goods tread A place where I can stop and stare A place to eat my chocolate spread, to pick and choose from all the fare. I long for scenes where tyrantsContinue reading “Longings”

Back Soon at Nero’s

‘Purse Eye Woman’ image from (Creative Commons) Inspired by a perusal of Café Nero’s near-empty cake cabinet. Salted caramel. Back soon. Sicilian lemon-meringue cake. Back soon. Belgian-chocolate fudge cake. Back soon. Belgian-chocolate brownie – warm with cream. A winter treat. Empty purse. Back soon. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, September 2018