Silly-Savvy Adventure – The Chilton Underground

Amazing how everyday I find something special about Chilton. Who would have thought it must be possible to run out of surprises in such a small area – but seemingly not! Today, I find myself wading through rivers of mud on a WWII airfield. Muddy, or not, I’m reasoning I should make the most ofContinue reading “Silly-Savvy Adventure – The Chilton Underground”

Savvy Book – The Undertaking

Consumed this World War Two themed novel, Audrey Magee’s ‘The Undertaking’, in one sitting! Beautifully written, although the author is a little over-fond of the verb ‘said’. Still, at least it doesn’t read like a piece of student coursework, with the over-contrived use of every single synonym for ‘said’ in existence. On finishing the novel (whichContinue reading “Savvy Book – The Undertaking”

Savvy Book – Look at Zoos

  Feeling flat following the grand finale of ‘The Durrells’ TV series? Missing Corfu? Me too! And I’m especially gutted about the end of the romance between Louisa and Spiro. Okay, it was inevitable – of course, he couldn’t leave his children behind on Corfu! And we all knew it would end this way, but thatContinue reading “Savvy Book – Look at Zoos”

Curly Toes

1939-1945 – the war years at Single Lane, Cosford, Albrighton The patriotic reader might be forgiven for wondering why my grandparents were happily ensconced at their home Single Lane, Albrighton. What entitled such an insignificant couple to remain in the Shropshire countryside, growing and selling their own produce, during the second world war, during aContinue reading “Curly Toes”