Silly-Savvy Adventure – The Chilton Underground

Amazing how everyday I find something special about Chilton. Who would have thought it must be possible to run out of surprises in such a small area – but seemingly not!

Today, I find myself wading through rivers of mud on a WWII airfield. Muddy, or not, I’m reasoning I should make the most of it, whilst the old runway (river!) is still visible. For, as I’ve previously blogged about, Babergh Council have plans to eradicate history with a housing estate.


Is this wise, Babergh?

With old Trump so determined to trigger off a WWIII, perhaps we need more than a passing moment in which to consider the tragically short lives of the young men who gave their everything to give us our everything.

Sadly, as you can, if you look towards the line of trees, see, the building work has already started. New homes are being constructed alongside the airfield’s border with Waldingfield Road – homes for the wealthy, with bedrooms galore and sizeable plots. Can’t say I blame the buyers involved. A house with a garden in Sudbury has become a thing of the past.

Any available bit of space, any sliver of a side-garden, any mini-square of a back garden has, or is being, built upon. Just take a look at what’s left of the once-sizeable back gardens in Great Cornard’s, The Pot Kilns! For those who fancy being self-sufficient, and doing away with the need to purchase veg ‘n’ plastic products from Tesco, perhaps a piece of Waldingfield Road’s hedgerow is the answer.

Still, I find the sight of scaffolding, in a location such historical significance, somewhat depressing. And, once, the housing estates go up, it won’t be long before those sizeable back gardens alongside the airfield are sold to the new neighbours.

Why, Babergh? Why are you doing this?

Moving on, I stop to take a shot of Sudbury’s most valuable resource, sugar beet, a real beaut, kindly modelled for the occasion by Sprog 1’s hand!  Wonder whether the beet would make a tasty soup? Anyone ever tried it?


It’s okay, Mr (Mrs?) farmer, we’re not going to steal the beet; I’ve spotted something far more nutritious! Mushroom soup anyone? Beansprouts?


A closer examination, results in a speedy withdrawal. The beast is labelled up as a Supaseeder – is this the real thing, or just the film set for ‘The Day of the Triffids’? Not sure I want to find out! But on seeking cover in the adjacent copse, I find all ways barred.

I am on TV or what? Who’s going to pay me for this?

And do I really want the publicity? Harry and Meghan come to mind, and I decide I’ll give the paparazzi a miss. But the only way out, is down!


A military bunker? Looks a bit dark and dingy – who knows what lurks below? Something soft and heavy swipes my forehead. A bag of dog poo? Yuck! Be it the paparazzi, or the BBC film crew that awaits, I think it wise to turn back!

Forget the alien fungi-thing, I’m sticking to beets, runways and hay bales!

Heading away from the Acton Lane side of the airfield, I make my way back to Waldingfield Road, bypass Chilton Hall (haven’t received my invitation for a tour yet), and take a left turn to one of my many favourite hotspots – The Horse Pond.

Sadly, I find that even the owners of Chilton Grove have got in on the whole new-build thing; the expansive grounds appear to be marked out for building plots! This is particularly tragic, as I was planning (post-publication of my bestseller) to add Chilton Grove to my property portfolio (mere pennies at £799,995!) of writers’ retreats. Sorry, ought to say writer’s retreats. I’m not inviting anybody else into my escape zones! Another possibility gone down the pan; first Belle Vue House threatens to get into the whole profit before people palava, and now Chilton Grove! What is going on?

What about our local history?

Come on Babergh – listen to this ingenious proposal! Why not attract tourists to the area? Turn the hidden-underground bunker into a visitor’s hotspot. Set up a museum next to it – display some WWII aeroplanes; get people down into the bunker to see what went on down there; give them the full guided tour and include visits to St Mary’s Church, Chilton Hall (doesn’t the Hall have some connection with that travel guy on TV, whatsizname?), and even Chilton Grove! Come on, Babergh, get onto it!

But, much to my relief, in spite of the surrounding development, The Horse Pond itself, is still a haven on tranquility.

But, for how long?

Copyright owned by The Silly-Savvy Salopian, Friday 2nd Jan, 2020

P.S. To the guy who lives in Chilton Hall (Lord Somebody-or-Other) – sorry for suggesting that a party of muddy-footed tourists should venture into your home. I fully understand if the prospect isn’t to your liking. How about just giving just me, Jay Cool, a tour? And, my mum and my Hubby and my best friend, and sprogs, and … etc.? Yes? We’ll remove our boots … honest!

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