Silly-Savvy Adventure – Chilton Cheer

What to do when the weather affects your mood?

It’s dull, cloudy and drizzly, and I’m feeling it. My cliff-top cave has a tendency to be damp and dreary, even on the sunniest of days – it’s windows being North-East facing – so the morning is as dark as dark gets.

So what do I do?

Pretend it’s warm and sunny outside, don my woolly hat, and walk out to my favourite hotspot – St Mary’s Church at Chilton. Sure, I’ve blogged about it lots before, but that’s the thing about life: every day is different! And everytime I do the Chilton walk, I see the local sights anew.

And the hedgerows bordering the pavements of Church Field Road never disappoint.


Never again will I accuse the rain of being dreary. These berries are truly stunning; the red one sports a forest inside a translucent-upside-down dome. And, no sooner do I have this thought, then I pause a moment to think about Australia’s forests destroyed by fire. Never dis the benefits of rain! The drizzle is a reminder to celebrate all that is good in life, all that sustains and nourishes us. Hence, if this drizzle is followed up by a downpour, I won’t be complaining!


This is all very easy to say, of course, when I’m standing under the protective roof of St Mary’s. The church’s interior is looking as beautiful as ever, and I find my friends, as I’ve come to think of them, members of the late Crane family, pleased to see me. Hardly surprising, when church service attendance is at all time low. Must be a lonely hangout!

Having said that, I do have it on good authority, that the church was packed to the brim, for it’s December carol service. And why did I miss it? Please forgive me, my little Crane family – I was at a football match! But I’m here now!

After a little chat with the Cranes, in which I promise to cheer their poor souls up with a touch of comedy someday, I decide it’s time to face up to my cave again. A SAD lamp – that’s what I need. Bring a little bit of sunlight in with the drizzle. Will look into it. Amazon? Google? Do you do freebie SAD lamps?

Fortunately, en route back to my cave, I find little florets of sunlight beaming out at me from the wayside, begging me to smile back at them.


I do my best!


Okay, allow me this one; I’m not at all photogenic and, besides which, I’m standing right next to McDonald’s! Plus, it’s a good opportunity to promote Pixabay. com – my top-fave website for free images!

Now, what to do next? Dark cave or McDonald’s?


Copyright owned by Jay Cool, January 2020

Photo of ‘Chilton Berries’ by Jay Cool

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Further information about the history of St Mary’s Church is available courtesy of Churches Conservation Trust.

I’m informed that future events at St Mary’s include a Holy Week ‘Compline’ service, at 7pm, Tues 7th April, and a Summer Fete, at 2pm-5pm, Sat 11th July 2020. I’ve also heard that there may be stalls available for hire at the latter event; if there are any local organisations out there looking for some promotional space, contact the CCT (link above) for further information.

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