Silly Poem – The Sameness of Buns

In protest against the standards of sameness in bun-size, required by Pru & Co. in today’s episode of Junior British Bake-Off.   All similar and consistent in size, great texture and beautifully shaped, well-coloured and spiced, looks lovely and tastes delicious, but missing a bit of the … indefinable three-dimensional character that comes with beingContinue reading “Silly Poem – The Sameness of Buns”

Back Soon at Nero’s

‘Purse Eye Woman’ image from (Creative Commons) Inspired by a perusal of Café Nero’s near-empty cake cabinet. Salted caramel. Back soon. Sicilian lemon-meringue cake. Back soon. Belgian-chocolate fudge cake. Back soon. Belgian-chocolate brownie – warm with cream. A winter treat. Empty purse. Back soon. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, September 2018