Happy Birthday: A Silly Poem

  Feeling hapless on his Birthday, he was reluctant to eat the chocolate cakes that,  courtesy of his colleagues, spelt out the Happy occasion. So instead, stalling for time, he sought to create an anagram, to rearrange the inevitable, before it’s consumption. But, Google being unable to deliver, all that he could come up withContinue reading “Happy Birthday: A Silly Poem”

Chocolate: A Silly Poem

  I ate it. But, it was too late. Too late for the rush that I needed. Too late for the rush that would satiate my feelings of hate. Too late for me, Cate, to swallow my pride – too late to tell the tale of the hate that I ate. And, in the knowing,Continue reading “Chocolate: A Silly Poem”

Perfection: A Ramble

Inspired by five random words found in in Issue 67 of ‘mslexia’. The random words being: installed, perfection, inherent, decent and interactive.   Interested in being active in an interactive sort of a way, I exercise my gouty foot by shifting it to avoid it being rolled over by the wheels of my office chair.Continue reading “Perfection: A Ramble”


Your car consumes me. I get in and it rolls backwards down the drive before I’ve even shut the door, trying to take me with it, trying to swallow me, but failing. Failure rises up from the floor, trying to nip me, trying to grab another chance to mix me in with its tides ofContinue reading “Carsuming”

To You For Whom They Are Made

‘Globe Trotter’ image courtesy of Pixabay.com Songs, unfinished. Novels, half-written. Journeys, unblogged. Poems, unrhymed. Words, mish-mashed. Randomness, untamed. Workocks, nirked. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, February 2019 Inspired by ‘Fishmonger’, by Marsden Hartley.