Your car consumes me. I get in and it rolls backwards down the drive before I’ve even shut the door, trying to take me with it, trying to swallow me, but failing. Failure rises up from the floor, trying to nip me, trying to grab another chance to mix me in with its tides ofContinue reading “Carsuming”

To You For Whom They Are Made

‘Globe Trotter’ image courtesy of Songs, unfinished. Novels, half-written. Journeys, unblogged. Poems, unrhymed. Words, mish-mashed. Randomness, untamed. Workocks, nirked. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, February 2019 Inspired by ‘Fishmonger’, by Marsden Hartley.

A Bod with a Mish-Mash that’s Wrong

{Insanity given sanction by a reading of Edwards Lear’s poem ‘The Dong with a Luminous Nose’.} ‘Spheres’ image from When my body does shake and my mish-mash goes pong Under the boxes of ticks and the strain, I take to the pen and I scribble all day ’bout the thoughts that take over myContinue reading “A Bod with a Mish-Mash that’s Wrong”