Savvy Story – Carapace

She paces. Two forward, one back; three forward, one back; for forward, one back. And, in this way, she picks up her pace, each time, getting a little bit further. As others, get further, they actually get closer – closer to a goal, to someone else’s goal – a goal that someone else set, forContinue reading “Savvy Story – Carapace”

The Drilling: A Short Story

¬† Crouching below the window-sill, I knew I couldn’t be seen. I couldn’t be seen and neither could I see out. It was best that way. To give into temptation and take a glance out, out at what might be lurking beyond, would have been tantamount to sending out an invitation – an invitation toContinue reading “The Drilling: A Short Story”


{John Clare had a lot to answer for, when he wrote¬†‘I am’.} Image courtesy of (creative commons) I long for scenes where sweet goods tread A place where I can stop and stare A place to eat my chocolate spread, to pick and choose from all the fare. I long for scenes where tyrantsContinue reading “Longings”