Silly Poem – Liaison With A Lamp

‘Liaison With A Lamp’ was written in the usual dim lights of a Prado Lounge, whilst observing the sun’s rays begging to be allowed in, and dipping in and out of the collection ‘High Windows’ (available at Waterstones) by the poet Philip Larkin.

‘Only the young can be alone freely.
The time is shorter now for company
And sitting by a lamp more often brings
Not peace but other things.’
(lines 31-34 of Vers de Societe, p.36 in ‘High Windows’ by Philip Larkin (Faber & Faber, 1974).


Liaison With A Lamp

You need a lamp, he says.

A SAD lamp!

A lamp to be sad with when you’re feeling sad!

Two SADs – one inanimate, one barely human, both existing, and both

keeping sad company.



Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 17th October, 2019

Illustrated by Jay Cool


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