Silly-Savvy Diary: Me-Time in Prado

Prado Lounge, Sudbury.

Great place for some me-time.

Me-time much needed after a hectic Christmas and New Year. Two weeks of non-stop sorting, cleaning and recycling to clear away the debris from the previous Christmas (yes, I did find a bauble from last year’s tree still under the settee!), before the guests arrive (returning prodigal daughter and mother) and the whole mess-making process starts again.


Within 24 hours, my beloved cave looks just like it did before the clear-out. Why did I bother? And didn’t I ask myself that very same question exactly a year ago, and the year before that?

Positivity required.

I tell myself: ‘I am the best!’ in repeat mode for five minutes, before moving onto the: ‘Turn every negative into a positive mantra.’ And do I feel better?


But only once I’m out of said cave and sitting in Prado Lounge with a pot of tea and my laptop. Now, I feel better.

P.S. The downside being that having posted something about mess and my mother, I daren’t return home. With that in mind, I will now (anxiety state peaking), add an amendment:

My mother has been the most excellent guest.

She has:

1) replaced missing curtain hooks on drapes that had become so far removed from their rails, she previously mistook them for very grubby rugs.

2) Cleaned bathroom mirrors.

3) Purchased a new bog brush.

4) Supervised the overhaul of Sprog 3’s rubbish tip; it now looks like a bedroom.

5) Read one of my unread books, upgrading it from waste-of-money status to money well-spent.

6) Washed up the dishes – on a number of occasions!

7) Prepared porridge every morning.

8) And lots of other useful things.

Time to change my anxiety-reducing mantra:

‘Mother, even if not an American ‘Mom’, you are the best!’


After me!

Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 2nd January, 2020

Featured image by Jay Cool.

Image of cave and ‘Mon, you’re the best!’ courtesy of


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