Day 2: Close Encounters with Prehistoric Giants in Ellesmere

And here he is – Richard Maddox, the ancestor from Myddle, responsible for the unfortunate revelation that my hubby is very likely some kind of a distant cousin, and – my – he’s huge! He’s carrying a great barn (1) on his vast Herculean back. He’s more giant than the humungous-dwarf oxymoron in Marvel’s ‘InfinityContinue reading “Day 2: Close Encounters with Prehistoric Giants in Ellesmere”

Day 1: Misery on the M6

It’s time. It’s been a year of a year in Sudbury, Suffolk and something is lacking. It’s time for a pep-me-up, a bit of a filler, a return to centre-court – a top-up! A top-up with a back-up! “Is it our sort of a holiday, Mum? Or, your sort?” “Well, …” “Mum?” “It’s a …”Continue reading “Day 1: Misery on the M6”