Day 1: Misery on the M6

It’s time. It’s been a year of a year in Sudbury, Suffolk and something is lacking. It’s time for a pep-me-up, a bit of a filler, a return to centre-court – a top-up! A top-up with a back-up! “Is it our sort of a holiday, Mum? Or, your sort?” “Well, …” “Mum?” “It’s a …”Continue reading “Day 1: Misery on the M6”

The Story of Haughley Park Farm’s Lost Mutton

I’m pacing up and down in a wet field at Haughley Park Farm, on a desperate quest to locate Suffolk Punch Comedy Club’s latest venue. ‘Just head straight on in there,’ PJ, the emcee, instructed (ordered), ‘and follow the ‘Competitors’ sign!’ What he neglected to inform me about was that, in order to compete, I’dContinue reading “The Story of Haughley Park Farm’s Lost Mutton”

Loving the Loos at Leestock

Portaloos. Ports for pooing in are a great idea, especially when they are located right next to the Comedy Tent at the Leestock festival. The sensation provided by massaging the disinfecting gel into my sunburnt hands is almost quite enjoyable, and I feel like staying a little longer. The Portaloo’s Cabin is really quite wellContinue reading “Loving the Loos at Leestock”