PJ’s Perky Jaunt: A Comedy Club Review

Disclaimer: Should you choose to purchase a book (or a bath towel) via any of the book (and towel) images included in my blog posts, I will receive a commission from Amazon at no extra cost to yourself. Here I am again. Pint of mango cider in one hand. Pencil in the other. Unfortunately, it’sContinue reading “PJ’s Perky Jaunt: A Comedy Club Review”

The Story of Haughley Park Farm’s Lost Mutton

I’m pacing up and down in a wet field at Haughley Park Farm, on a desperate quest to locate Suffolk Punch Comedy Club’s latest venue. ‘Just head straight on in there,’ PJ, the emcee, instructed (ordered), ‘and follow the ‘Competitors’ sign!’ What he neglected to inform me about was that, in order to compete, I’dContinue reading “The Story of Haughley Park Farm’s Lost Mutton”