Savvy Style – Ginger Legs

Just about to order a pair of ‘Rustic Ginger’ tights¬†to match my hair colour. I’m also guessing that they will look fab with the ¬£6 dress I bought from Sainsbury’s autumn sale. The very friendly lady at the til joked that it might be next summer before I could wear my bargain, but I disagree.Continue reading “Savvy Style – Ginger Legs”

Savvy Style – Dress to live!

“When do you think we might stop dressing the same as we did when we were twenty-something?” For a teeny bit of a moment, my much-younger (approaching forty) cousin-in-law’s question brings on a miniature wave of anxiety. Is she trying to make a statement? Is she dropping a mammoth-sized hint? I try to see myselfContinue reading “Savvy Style – Dress to live!”