Savvy Style – Ginger Legs

Just about to order a pair of ‘Rustic Ginger’ tights to match my hair colour. I’m also guessing that they will look fab with the £6 dress I bought from Sainsbury’s autumn sale.

The very friendly lady at the til joked that it might be next summer before I could wear my bargain, but I disagree. With a pair of thick tights, and plenty of over-layers, i.e. black cardigan from Primark and denim-jacket from New Look, I reckon I can work the look for Autumn.


Sure, it’s a bit chilly today, but the sun popped out for a stint earlier this morning, giving me all the dose of happiness medicine I need to hold onto enough summer spirit to see me through to Christmas (assisted en route by a good book and a glass, or two, of red)!

Christmas? It can’t be nearly time to think about that – surely – can it? Just a minute ago it was last Christmas, and the unfinished family jigsaw’s still under my settee! Sorry, Mrs Hinch, that may well mean the carpet in that area hasn’t seen the hose of my vacuum cleaner for some time!

Christmas? What am I on about – it’s still just October! Sure, I can get away with that Sainsbury’s dress – once the Rustic Ginger tights have arrived!

Watch this space for a Rustic Ginger photo shoot …

Copyright owned by Jay Cool, October 2019

Disclaimer: I receive a small commission for sales (none to date – help me out here!) from ‘Love Leggings’ and ‘Waterstones’, but am not on commission from Sainsbury’s!


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