51: Saucy Sunday

Fed up with tidying up everyone else’s mess, I thought I’d experiment, i.e. abandon the kitchen for a day, in the hope that Hubby might get busy in there. Hubby did get busy in there. After a long Sunday-morning lie-in, I decide to face reality and venture into the kitchen. This is what it looksContinue reading “51: Saucy Sunday”

Washed-Out Socks

‘Washed Socks’ by Jay Cool Pink socks, and green, hanging out to dry – mingling into amber. A shade that suits a sallow skin – the ageing flakes of yellowed feet. Shreds and slivers, peels of the past, hanging. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, October 2018

The Stand

    Golden locks matted and mounted upon an upturned tripod. Remnants of a life lived, displaying itself on the belly of a monster desperate for survival, desperate for another chance at living, dancing, twirling – desperate for just one more spin. Just one more stand. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, June 2018