Silly Poem – One In Before Midnight

Before Midnight arrived, I met the One, but, on the strike of 12, I fled, leaving behind not myself, but my shoe, complete with a note, saying ‘Do not pursue!’   And, after Midnight’s departure, I struck up with the next One.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 8th October, 2019 Image by Moshe HaroshContinue reading “Silly Poem – One In Before Midnight”

Monday Thoughts

  On Monday, I tried to avoid Tuesday. So many things to do, work-related things, on Monday, today, my day off work!   On Monday, I did Tuesday’s work, thinking to get it out of the way, dispose of it, to make Tuesday, my work-day,  better!   On Monday, Tuesday’s work done, I popped anContinue reading “Monday Thoughts”