Revealing Mr Larkin

Shadows of middle-age larking around within the mind of Philip, as he sees the elderly, mouths drooling, and is fearful of this watery reflection of skewed ripples, of the spades digging into his own disintegration. By Jay Cool, 18th August 2022 Inspired by snippets of Philip Larkin´s poetry, as featured on BBC Four´s Return toContinue reading “Revealing Mr Larkin”

Being: A Savvy Poem

To be a being, to be a me that is a being, I must not be benign. To be benign is to be immobile, immoveable, to be a sign of being just so. But being a being, that is a being that is me, I find myself not a being to be a something thatContinue reading “Being: A Savvy Poem”