Driving Through Foliage

Driven on, and driving, through things still growing,

I reflect on the shortness of what it is to be me,

An illusory span of meness, contracting, shrinking – inches becoming centimetres becoming millimetres becoming nothingtres

as the concept of me is consumed by

the foliage that carries on growing, bending – homing


on the reality of being that is nothing so concrete as can be measured with a ruler, defined by a pencil outline of what is or was, or even captured in its briefness as image on film or photo.

Here now, then                                          eaten.


Copyright of text & image owned by Jay Cool, August 2020

2 Comments Add yours

  1. stuarteltonhotmailcom says:

    I like this one. Maybe me-ness rather than meness as it saves confusion with the King of Egypt who united Upper and Lower Egypt!


    1. The Silly-Savvy Salopian says:

      A good point!


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