A Something Poem – Master of The Wait


Being ginger, I last longer, even longer than the old Duracell batteries,

because the idea of me, is far, far older than the idea of the battery, and

having been around for so long, I’ve had so much longer to learn, and to

master, all that there can possibly be to master.  To master all is, of course,

impossible; and, even as my ginger hairs turn grey, I know this. I know this,

because I have had the time in which to learn that this is so. Even so, there

are those, those who have not been around for so long, who watch me and

wait. Waiting, though, does not come naturally to those who have not yet,

been around for so long. And, in the waiting – and having been around for

so long, I know that this is so – in the waiting, and the watching (it not being

for so very long) they miss me. And, in being missed, the idea of me comes

into its own. And, being my own, and a Master, I know a weight has lifted.


Copyright owned by Jay Cool, April 2019


Image by Vl Gn from Pixabay

Published by The Silly-Savvy Salopian

Freelance writer and descendant of the cave dweller and outlaw, Humphrey Kynaston. Banished from Shropshire for my eccentricity, I have made my home in Suffolk. I write poetry, short stories, travel journals, comedy gig reviews and non-fiction articles. My wish is to write my way back into the heart of my birth land. All writing commissions (and free holidays in Shropshire!) considered.

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