Sun-Fuelled on the A134

{Egged on by the rising sun, as I confronted the usual early-morning drive to work, on the A134, I felt the compulsion to capture my thoughts in words. Unfortunately, time and the expectations of others, did not allow me to stop by the roadside to take a photograph, or put pen to paper. But, theContinue reading “Sun-Fuelled on the A134”

Thatched at West Stow

Inspired by a visit to West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village. Dry-grey thatch. Gapped. And drafty. An ageing roof in need of repair. Dry-grey fringe. Frizzed. And stringy. An ageing thatch in need of repair. Restoration? Expensive. Copyright of text, and photograph, owned by Jay Cool, September 2018


Messy head. Self-doubts prodding in. Remnants of reason pushing them out. As they persist with prodding. Piercing. Prying and twisting. Distorting. Keep walking. Stop thinking. Keep pacing. Paced? Pause. Pencil. Pad. Coffee. Pit it. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, Sept 2018

Fried in July

The Lynford Stag in July 2018 Spilling forth from Breckland stag, Soldiers swinging, swords of fire, Shouting praises for promised lands. Crunching forth o’er sundried straw, Crackles burning, soles all sore, Citing crazes for conquered lands. Falling forth from sun-singed lips, Flowers frying, at devil’s door Firing curses for shrivelled lands. Deserted. Sands. Copyright ownedContinue reading “Fried in July”

Lady Bluebeard

  Bluebearded Iris, courtesy of Swishing and swiping, my sword serves me well. Bluebeard, they call me – Lady of the swamps. With my parrot on my shoulder, I rise up from the peat, more black than blue – complete with tattoo! Copyright owned by Jay Cool, June 2018 (ex Fen dweller)    Continue reading “Lady Bluebeard”

Double Dee

Image courtesy of David Davis back-stops with a  double-dip, and a back- flip, tips his hat … to Dani Dyer. Dani Dyer with double-decker, fudged-up lashes and pink-sugar sparkles; old candy-floss sucked on and dried out. Now r o t t i n g. David, done with, and done in, d e p aContinue reading “Double Dee”

‘F***, like?’

Well, like, I kind of like her. What, like, you fancy her, like? Yeah, I know like that she’s a bit sassy like, but … You like her? Yeah, like she’s fit, like, and fun! Fit, like? Yeah, like you know, like with Kardashian tits, like, and stuff. Stuff like a fat a***, like? Yeah,Continue reading “‘F***, like?’”