Up for Grabs?

‘Seventy-three and up for grabs?’ It’s Janet Benisworth! At last a genuinely ancient comedian; not just some early forty something undersexed male, claiming to be middle-aged, trying to get the female sympathy vote. And, even better, I’ve never seen such an old specimen sporting such lustrous-dark locks. I sit up and take notice. A greatContinue reading “Up for Grabs?”

Beer Goggles

There’s something special about an ageing comedian.   ageing fruit pic – a Creative Commons image shared by flickr.com There’s something especially special about one called Nigel, who claims to be ‘the only antique that isn’t overpriced.’ And what I really like is that, whilst I’m sitting here wondering how many more of the hairyContinue reading “Beer Goggles”


Giggles. Chatter. Unfinished utterances. Non-comments. Giggles. One sits in front of me. One sits behind. Great. No more giggles. Can refocus. Can read again. Giggles. More. Great. And I’m here. Stuck. And I’m trapped. Entangled. Entangled by headphones in front and headphones behind me. By wires dangling across, in front and behind, between, and eitherContinue reading “Entangled”