Giggles. Chatter. Unfinished utterances. Non-comments. Giggles.
One sits in front of me.
One sits behind.
No more giggles. Can refocus. Can read again.

And I’m here. Stuck.
And I’m trapped. Entangled. Entangled by headphones in front and headphones
behind me.
By wires dangling across, in front and behind, between, and either side of me.
By deadly devices drumming, strumming, churning out distractions …
By electrical currents entering my head
invading my thoughts, my words, my brain and all things that matter.

Giggles bounce along and off the twisted and twisting wires, taking off with my sanity, stealing any
last remnants of my bookish ways.

Entangled. Strangled. Choked.


Copyright owned by Jay Cool, May 2017

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