Happiness –  the substance of my life. The hapless old friend who comments on my blog posts, thoughtfully emailing me my response options, which include: cider, ha ha, and thanks! The app I’m told to install for discounts on Indian takeaways from Aysha; The tacking pins embedded in the paint-stained carpet of my creativeContinue reading “Happiness”

Guest Preacher

{Based on a childhood memory of an over-zealous guest preacher in an Aberdonian chapel, and further inspired by George Herbert’s poem ‘The Collar’. } ‘Angry Debate’, a clipart image from Pixabay.com He strikes the board. Preacher’s passion’s way. Heed his words, that God does say. Wrinkled hands must dig in deep, unearth the worms from burrows,Continue reading “Guest Preacher”

Botanist Approaching Fifty

‘Flowers in Hartlepool’ by Jay Cool Do a project, the teacher said. You can choose the title. Spend some time, just with your friend, reading books and writing. We collected books, ’bout every flower, copied, coloured, outlined them. About each flower, I remember nothing – no name, no colour, no hue. But, if I could,Continue reading “Botanist Approaching Fifty”


  glass impenetrable   where is the odour   coming from?     a toe nail flickers   the liquid yellows   and thickens     can I break the crystal box?   your toes cry out   untouched, unloved     your sweet smell   grows foul   with decay     Copyright ownedContinue reading “Preserve”