Savvy Style – Bag a Princess!

Update on the whole Princess-Beatrice-lookalike dress on a budget fiasco!

As you saw in my previous post, Princess Budget, I did eventually achieve some success with my charity shop jaunt, with a floral wonder from Cancer Research UK – well under budget at £3! It’s true enough that it was a little short and improper, the skirt part being above the level of my knees but, as noted in Legs to Love , then I’m certainly not averse to showing off a bit (a lot) of leg

I am, however, still waiting for the more seemly version of the statement floral ordered via Ebay! On this, I do have a small (very large and tent-like) confession to make! On tracking the order, I made an alarming discovery. The respectable UK Size 12 that I ordered, with the anticipated generous 36″ bust (and ample tummy room), is not, in fact, anything like as average as a UK Size 12 at all! Would you believe it, this Unbranded dress, on closer examination of the size guide, has a bust measurement of 39.3″!? Help! If this dress ever arrives, the savings I made on a £395 genuine Princess Beatrice version by spending only  £10.98, will only go a tiny way towards paying for the boob job I’m going to require!

Still, why sell 40″ bras and socks in the same shop, if the two can’t be combined! (Anyone know a cheap plus-size lingerie supplier? Come on, how is it fair that larger ladies have to pay more for the maintenance of their essentials?)

camel-2454243_1920 (1)

But, for now, whilst I await the Unbranded arrival, I’m going to kill some time by tackling my back-up plan.

Jay Cool’s own design and execution coming up – tailor made to measure!  How fortuitous that Bargain Buys has thought fit to nip into the gap left by the late Argos! With a creative-think shop, I might even be able to avoid doubling up on the £3 I spent at Cancer Research UK.

Bargain Buys, here I come!

Strange, I don’t see a camera crew, and there isn’t even a red carpet. Shame on you, Bargain Buys! Jay Cool is here!

In the first aisle, I locate my first item – a roll of green big bags! I’m not so sure about it. Princess Beatrice’s dress has been labelled green in some press reports, but is that really so? To me, it looks more turquoise erring on the side of blue! Could it be that the paid journalists all have that blue-green-colour-blind thing, or could my tinted specs be to blame?

I can’t decide, so I splash out on two rolls of bin bags. But I also need to recreate the floral pattern, so I chuck a couple of packs of coloured tissue paper into my bargain basket, and I’m done!


Ensconced back in my cliff-top cave, I take a look at the goods. With just a tiny bit of nipping in at the waistline, the look begins to shape up:


As for the cost, then I went slightly over the £3 budget; the bin-bag rolls were just under £1 each and the tissue paper packs, 69p and 59p. I would tot this up, but I know that you will appreciate the challenge of doing the adding up myself (and I’m too involved in the writing and creativity to use a calculator!).

Lights, camera, action and flowers! Can I get this product on the market before the clock strikes midnight?

Watch this space …


Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 1st September 2019


Okay, so I didn’t quite get Princess Cool to the ball in a posh-floral frock by midnight, but why arrive early, or even on time, if one wants to be the Belle of the ball?

It’s 1.17pm – prepare yourselves …

… for Savvy Style – Princess Cool.



Image of paper flowers and double-hump camel courtesy of Pixabay


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