Savvy Style – Legs to Love

Having a branch out!

And, no, I’m talking about an extension of my mountain-top tree look …

wrekin tree collage2

… you can take a look at my post Dear Harry for further details about that particular campaign!

Today, I branched out from writing book reviews, to enter the world of high fashion (i.e. cheap fashion). Yes, I know that I published a post about fashion a couple of days ago but, let’s face reality (what’s that?), Cancer Research UK aren’t going to pay me for advertising a one-off item that I’ve already purchased.

Today, I’ve blown caution to the wind, and joker-161421_1280splashed out beyond my usual £5 maximum spend, to lay claim to an item I’ve always dreamt about – a pair of bright red leggings! It’s fair to say that I wasn’t specifically looking for said purchase from the ‘Love Leggings’ company but, oddly enough, further investigation proved that I, Jay Cool, am well and truly unique – seems that the desire for red legs is not something on the agenda of the majority! It turns out that very few people these days, aspire to the role of court jester.

I, though, the one and only official blogger for Suffolk Punch Comedy Club am one of the few – not the many!

So, please – stand back!

Stand back and be ready!

Here is my new arrival:


Now, if I could claim to be as savvy as I am silly, I would film myself opening the package.

But I’m not.

And I’ve been having enough trouble trying to take selfies of my legs, let alone trying to do the whole far-too-technical filming caboodle, so you’ll have to make do and appreciate what’s on offer …

The whole bag-opening thing is turning out to be a bit topsy-turvy in an Enid Blyton, Upside-Down Land kind of a way (read ‘The Enchanted Wood’ (and earn me some commission from Waterstones!) for more on that!) but, regardless of which way up or down you look at them, I know you will agree that my legs (and feet) look splendid.

I’m dead chuffed that this wonderful item actually fits. The company didn’t give the option of choosing different lengths and being a bit, on the long side, I feared that my ankles and a few inches of my hairy shins might be revealed. And, indeed, on my first glimpse of the item, I still suspected the worst. Little did I know that the product designers (who must also read Blyton books) had already injected a little magic into the weave. As soon as my legs ventured into their legs, their legs expanded to fit mine – perfectly!

And, as I sit here waffling on and on, I feel inclined to waffle on further, just for an excuse to sit and enjoy the whole comfy experience. Usually, sitting in my study, my legs are freezing! This oft times results in a trip out into the wilds of my cave home, to find a fleecy blanket, or thick coat to drape over my knees. Today, my pins are toasty!

I really am in love with these leggings and, more to the point, I am in love with myself.

And this, my readers …

… is exactly how things should be!


Copyright owned by Jay Cool, 1st September 2019


P.S. Just to update you, then I didn’t stay seated for too long. After searching up pics of jesters, courtesy of, I decided that I would love myself two-fold, if I could look like this:


… and then it came to me! Stashed away with the kit from my ballerina days , I own a pair of bright-green leggings. Get ready for the Jay Cool look …!



This could be just the image I need for tomorrow’s comedy gig at The Brewery Tap! Perhaps PJ, the emcee, would like to kit himself out to match. PJ? Fancy pairing up for a comedy duo? I’ve got two spare legs that you can borrow!

Disclaimer: No leggings were harmed in the making of this blog post! Oh, and the gorgeous purple t-shirt can be purchased for £2.50 at Primark – bargain! Please note that I am not, at the present time, affiliated to Primark so, tragically, will not be earning any commission from the sale of the clothing items featured herein. You will, however, be pleased to hear that I do earn a small commission for sales generated from links to ‘Love Leggings’!

I do, however, write book reviews on behalf of my favourite bookshop, Waterstones, for which I do receive a commission on associated sales. To date, I have made the grand total of 40p, so do take pity and help me out by taking a look at the following reviews (no obligation to buy!):

Savvy Book – The Legacy

Savvy Book – Burn

Savvy Book – Fuse

Savvy Book – Pure





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