48: Luka in Lexden

Disclaimer: If you choose to purchase the featured book, via the image link, I will receive a commission at no extra-cost to yourself.   This is the day. No, Dad*, this is not ‘the day that the Lord has made’! This is the day for my umpteenth guitar and singing lesson. Today, I get toContinue reading “48: Luka in Lexden”

30: Chart Hit

End of the job that somehow led me to where I am now; led me to where I am but, perhaps not to who I am. So who am !? And, more to the point, what am I? Needing to know what I am, it dawns on me that this is a rock-chick day. AContinue reading “30: Chart Hit”

Shamelessly Marbellous

‘Marbles’ image courtesy of Pixabay Shamelessly, I practise my plies at the bus stop. Shamelessly, shameless, I sing ‘Tired of Sleeping’ in the shower. Not ashamed of anything, I dress in old lady’s attire: brown floral blouse, salmon pink tights, and comfy white shoes from Clarks. Shamelessly, I laugh at all the shams out there.Continue reading “Shamelessly Marbellous”