Savvy Books – Old and Wise

Not sure that I need to read the latest book by Katherine Rundell!

Just came across it on a perusal of Waterstones latest non-fiction list, the title of ‘Why You Should Read Children’s Books , Even Though You Are So Old and Wise’. And no prizes for guessing why it caught my attention! Those of you who’ve devoured my book reviews will know that I spend much of my time reading children’s books, and the rest of my time recommending them to adults.

Whereas there may be adults’ titles I wouldn’t recommend to the young, old age knows no boundaries in the creative world of fiction and poetry. It’s a case of the older one gets, the more one needs a boost to the imagination – an active imagination being the most effective weapon one can have in the battle against degenerative brain disease.

Where, I hear you ask, is the supporting evidence for such a claim?

You are all the evidence you need! Try out some of the children’s books featured in my reviews and see what happens for yourself!

And, if you can’t decide which one to start with – then just order them all and draw up a reading schedule!

Go on – take your pick!

Savvy Book – Burn

Savvy Book – Fuse

Savvy Book – The Legacy

Savvy Book – The Declaration

Savvy Book – The Killables

Silly Book – The Midnight Gang

Can’t afford them all?

Then don’t order any of them – read the opening chapters of my new children’s novel, ‘The Wall’, instead. The beginning of the story is free! To get the middle and the ending for free, give me lots of likes and constructive comments, and I’ll keep on going!

Copyright owned by Jay Cool, October 2019

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 Image by Elena Tishkova from Pixabay

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