Eight Lines of Readiness: #SIWOPC

Eight lines in which to eat my way into the stomach of the one; the one who will judge the togetherness of my random thoughts. Random thoughts all bunched up into word chains. Word chains that, if approved off, will be more than ready. Word chains washed, tumbled, starched and ironed. Word chains at theContinue reading “Eight Lines of Readiness: #SIWOPC”


‘Coffee’ image courtesy of Pixabay.com Ginger. Memorable. Memorable in its orangeness. The orangeness of everyone’s favourite treat. The never-to-be-forgotten excitement of eating a full pack of Jaffa cakes – all sweet and moreish – by oneself. To be remembered for being ginger. Is to be satisfied. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, January 2019 Inspired byContinue reading “Satisfied”