Inflamed Toe

  Crooked, cursed and cranky, my toe cries out, conspiratorially, as it collaborates with the tears of a conscience cut by critical commentaries of crimes never committed. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, February 2019 Influenced by Edward Bullmore’s book, ‘The Inflamed Mind: A Radical new approach to depression’ (Short Books, UK, 2018). Image of feet,…

Thatched at West Stow

Inspired by a visit to West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village. Dry-grey thatch. Gapped. And drafty. An ageing roof in need of repair. Dry-grey fringe. Frizzed. And stringy. An ageing thatch in need of repair. Restoration? Expensive. Copyright of text, and photograph, owned by Jay Cool, September 2018

This Moment

Writing myself better.   Copyright owned by Jay Cool, Sept 2018


Messy head. Self-doubts prodding in. Remnants of reason pushing them out. As they persist with prodding. Piercing. Prying and twisting. Distorting. Keep walking. Stop thinking. Keep pacing. Paced? Pause. Pencil. Pad. Coffee. Pit it. Copyright owned by Jay Cool, Sept 2018