Silly Politics – Boris’ Eggy Feet

Do I really want to go forward with 2020, when I’ve just had the most bizarre carrot on a stick dangled in front of my senses? Who, in the UK, or for that matter, the rest of the world, be it of American or European ilk, would want to egg old Boris on, as heContinue reading “Silly Politics – Boris’ Eggy Feet”

Savvy Poem – Hands in My Pockets

Inspired by a fellow-blogger’s post. ‘Take your hands out of your pockets,’ she barks, pocket-like. ‘Stand up straight and don’t slouch!’ Alarmed, my hair stands up, shock-like. Fearful, my stomach shrinks into itself and my shoulders roll, as my eyes fall out of their sockets and bounce onto the classroom floor. My hands become awareContinue reading “Savvy Poem – Hands in My Pockets”

Bus Games

Silk-black skin and long neck. Graceful, she glances away, longs for another place, beyond the burning red-hot glass of a red bus, double-deckered, on a roasted trip with a man, unshaven and unpruned, pale and raw, who mutters to her out-turned cheek, as if she can hear his stabbing red-hot words, his obscenities his tauntsContinue reading “Bus Games”