50: Croissants in Cornard

Saturday. A definite picnic day. Only five more days left of the day job. Time to prepare for the wind down! I turf out all the junk mail that’s been accumulating in my stylish picnic basket and fill it to the brim with delights. Lots of healthy fruit – a water melon, bananas, tomatoes, etc.Continue reading “50: Croissants in Cornard”

House Thieves in a Fruit Bowl

Apples, Bananas, Grapes, Oranges And pears House thieves in a fruit bowl. Imagine instead … A mouldy green tennis ball, A plastic crescent yellow moon, A tonne of purple pom-poms, A squidgy-orange stress ball, And a well-fed Martian with his bald head sinking into his torso and sacks of flesh flowing over his tiny teeteringContinue reading “House Thieves in a Fruit Bowl”