Savvy North Wales – Static Monday

Jay Cool’s Hubby shares his impressions of Wales, in a series of daily letters to his work colleagues (now, with permission granted, shared with the world)! Monday –Conway   Hi All, Just a heads up for anyone planning a visit to North Wales this summer. Conway is a beautiful walled medieval town, with a picturesqueContinue reading “Savvy North Wales – Static Monday”

Savvy Poem – The Conwy Worm

      Drawbridge up – forever closed, we hear the tune, and follow.   No choice, but to burrow under.   No alternative, but to root ourselves in for the long haul.   I feel the sharpness of the spade as it chops this worm in two regurgitating us forward into the light, asContinue reading “Savvy Poem – The Conwy Worm”

Silly Poem – Conwy

In the smallness of it, I lift up coffin lid and hide in the spaciousness of all that is mine for keeps.   As, in grandeur, my ancestor, Edward I, looks down from his castle tower, perusing all that is his, whilst longing for his own little place in which to be.   Copyright ownedContinue reading “Silly Poem – Conwy”