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Jay Cool’s Hubby shares his impressions of Wales, in a series of daily letters to his work colleagues (now, with permission granted, shared with the world)!

Monday –Conway

conwy jerry


Hi All,

Just a heads up for anyone planning a visit to North Wales this summer.

Conway is a beautiful walled medieval town, with a picturesque castle, built by the English at a time when we couldn’t help poking our noses into the Welsh’s business. Fortunately, these are more enlightened times, and we don’t do that sort of thing anymore.

On our visit, however, I couldn’t help noticing that, probably as a result of penny pinching on the part of the council, some inept contractor had missed all of the ‘a’s out of Conway on the roadsigns. I felt it my civic duty, as atonement for past English sins, and in repayment for the warm Welsh hospitality, to add in all the missing ‘a’s with a marker pen. My efforts were rewarded with enthusiastic cries from the locals of the traditional Welsh greeting ‘pen dick’.

Soon, we were being treated to a full blown traditional Welsh parade, with traditional Welsh pitchforks and traditional Welsh burning torches. The celebrations seemed to be getting a bit out of hand, so we decided it was prudent to make our excuses and leave. Not before time it seems. There are always a few people who have to spoil it for everyone (although, to be fair, this did appear to be everyone).

Anyway, Sarah, if you were thinking of visiting, I’d leave it a couple of years, until the furore has died down a bit, and they’ve rebuilt the castle. (Symbol of English oppression, indeed.)


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