Getting Out of the Day Job 5: Lottery Win!

Disclaimer: This post contains links to Amazon. I do not earn any commission for sales made. I’ve done it! No, I haven’t (to my knowledge) won the lottery, but I’ve sold my first book! Wow! Okay, so it’s not that impressive – I haven’t even published, let alone sold, my own masterpieces – but, IContinue reading “Getting Out of the Day Job 5: Lottery Win!”

This is Going to Hurt: Book Review

Disclaimer: Should you choose the purchase the reviewed book, via the link below, I will receive a commission at no cost to yourself. Bog brushes, mobile phones and chicken legs. First up, the bog brush! Not great for it’s intended purpose, i.e. when used with vigour, it has a tendency to spatter one’s face withContinue reading “This is Going to Hurt: Book Review”