Getting Out of the Day Job 5: Lottery Win!

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I’ve done it!

No, I haven’t (to my knowledge) won the lottery, but I’ve sold my first book! Wow!


Okay, so it’s not that impressive – I haven’t even published, let alone sold, my own masterpieces – but, I have sold my first book as an affiliate blogger for Amazon. Okay, this only makes me one dollar – a dollar that equates to zero profit for me. But, that’s not the point!

The point is that this is just a beginning, just the first step towards something, a something of a something in my own unknown future. And who knows? In another month’s time, I might even have been responsible for the sale of two books. Will Amazon actually pay me if I can make two dollars?

Probably not!

And, even if they did, I’d have to pay a six-pound fee to my bank for receiving income from foreign climates. Still, it is a step. It may not be forwards, but at least its a step somewhere. And, in taking that step, am I not the most adventurous eccentric on this planet? (If not on my own planet!)

Come on buyers! Something vaguely resembling a humanoid and going by the name of Jay Cool is giving up the day job. Help her along a little bit: take a look at her book reviews! This book, in particular (by Josh Cohen), has an awful lot to answer for:

Not Working’

Cheers, Josh! (If my future-jobless life doesn’t work out, you owe me one!)

So, whilst you’re here (grrrh..), take a read of this Cool review:

This is Going to Hurt

Copyright owned by Jay Cool, the not-quite-yet-jobless blogger, May 2019


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